About Caroline

Do you wish you had a practitioner who:

  • You could trust to offer you alternatives before meds?
  • Is qualified to understand the risks and benefits of medication and alternative medicine?
  • Understands how to treat the underlying causes to your health issues?
  • Can guide you in the right direction in a confusing time of virtual over-information. Someone you can trust to help you make sound decisions for your health.

Like you, I wanted all these things. As a practicing pharmacist since 1997, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of alternatives in traditional medicine. I became disillusioned about the over marketing of pharmaceutical drugs to the consumer and the ease with which the consumer wanted the quick fix. And so over a decade ago, I began my journey into research and education, immersing myself in searching for science-based, safe and effective nature-based remedies for the treatment of disease as well as general wellness. I was shocked and excited to find out that there is good science behind many natural treatments, that there are effective alternatives. I became passionate about helping those who are looking for an alternative before being handed a script at the doctor’s office and who are not being offered any other options. I became passionate about helping those who don’t want the “quick fix” of merely treating the symptom, but who want to address and treat the underlying problems affecting their health. And I have since found a great satisfaction in successfully treating my patients, wholly and mindfully.

As a pharmacist practicing functional medicine for over a decade, I possess a unique set of skills to safely integrate traditional and alternative medicine. I understand the risks and benefits of medications. I understand how to safely offer you alternatives. My goal is a more natural approach to health care by addressing the fundamental causes of health problems, to harness the healing power of nutrition and nature, and to heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

I use a variety of natural medicine methods including:  plant based medicine, nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade supplements), medical foods, life-style modification, and other science-directed therapies. And for every day health and disease prevention, I can help you fill in those “nutritional gaps” that inhibit our ability to lead balanced lives.

When I am not practicing medicine, I am chasing around my three children along with my sweet, funny husband. Along with spending  precious time with friends and family, I love reading, yoga, travel, wine-tasting & being in nature.

Specialized Areas of Practice:

  • Neuro: anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress/adrenal response.
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Cholesterol management

Caroline Healy RPh has been a pharmacist for more than 20 years and specializes in functional medicine. She received her B.S. in Pharmacy at Kansas University. During her career, Caroline has practiced as a clinical specialist at a hospital, a retail pharmacist, a home infusion pharmacist, and has concurrently been practicing functional medicine for more than 10 years.