Focus on the Root Cause

Plant based alternatives


“I went to my doctor for my annual physical and blood work and my cholesterol came back high. My doctor wanted me to start on a statin right away. I was reluctant to start a prescription before trying something else first. I consulted with Caroline and she recommended supplements and medical foods. She said the supplements could lower cholesterol and also treat underlying inflammation linked to heart disease. After 8 weeks, I returned to my doctor for a follow up and blood draw. The office called me with good news that my cholesterol levels were back to normal and inflammatory markers were down. I was happy to inform them that with Caroline’s help and some diet changes, I was able to get my cholesterol under control without medication.”

Michael, Overland Park, KS

“I have struggled with insomnia for 5 years. I am a birth doula and am on call 24/7 and when night comes is often when we get the call for a birth. My adrenaline spikes and I am wired and unable to go back to sleep and rest. I have tried everything over the counter and eventually used Ambien because I wasn’t sleeping at all and it was affecting my health. I tried again last summer to wean off Ambien but would lie awake until 4am. Caroline came to the rescue and recommended a regimen that allowed me to rest. I felt a winding down I have not felt in years. My nervousness has lessened and I am sleeping better now than I have in years.”

Ashley Walburn, Prairie Village, KS

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